Exposed Hidden Secrets of Super Body Building Nutrition

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Common Muscle Building Mistakes to Avoid @hodgetwins






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Exposed Hidden Secrets of Super Body Building Nutrition

Whether you’re body building for yourself or if you’re interested in taking part in competitions, a specialized diet that contains all of the essential nutrients for muscle building is an absolute must for those who are intent on developing their physique. It’s a common fact: anyone who is actively participating in a body building exercise plan needs to take in more calories than a person of a similar build who isn’t doing the same sort of training, simply because a body building workout has greater demand for energy. Supplying the body the right amount of calories and the right mix of nutrients is the key to proper body building nutrition.

Protein plays a tremendously significant role in aiding a body builder to increase his muscle mass. Generally speaking, about thirty percent of a body builder’s caloric intake should probably be in the form of protein. Of course, every individual is different and thirty percent is only a rough guideline. The most popular protein choices are egg whites, fish, and chicken. However, another option to consider for a powerful supply of protein is beef liver. Ounce for ounce, you can’t find a meat more densely packed with protein. In addition, some also choose to supplement their normal diets with protein powders, which can enhance muscle development. No matter what, make sure you check with your doctor or nutritionist and explain your exercise plans to them in detail, so they can provide you informed advice on proper body building nutrition.

Carbohydrates, or carbs, are necessary to provide the body with sufficient levels of energy to deal with the strenuous nature of an intense body building workout. Exercising for maximum gain is significantly different that working out to achieve good health and general overall fitness, and your body’s needs certainly vary depending on the types of exercise you’re doing. During hardcore training your body is going to burn calories at a high rate, and you’re going to need those carbs to fuel your system. It’s quite easy to see why proper body building nutrition is an absolute must in order to provide maximum muscle building efficiency.

And speaking of carbs, beef liver (mentioned above) also has carbohydrates that red beef lacks. Consider beef liver over red beef because it doesn’t have the fat of red beef but it brings the protein and carbs.

And what about your food intake? How should you manage your meals? Body building nutrition differs from the nutritional routines of the average person. While most people prefer to stick to the traditional “three meals a day” food plan, a body builder who is serious about proper food management will likely opt for 5 or even 7 much smaller meals, spread throughout the day at regular intervals. This ensures that the body maintains a regular metabolism, which is the key to body building nutrition.
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    one of the best videos i have seen from tmw.
    these core values will save you a lot of time and joint agitation. 

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