cle Building – The Benefits of Building Muscle

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Muscle Building – The Benefits of Building Muscle

80% of the people who go to the gym think that muscle building revolves around aesthetic and cosmetic benefits. People who want to go to the gym will never think about the numerous health benefits of building muscle because they are too preoccupied with the thought of wanting to look like Arnold or The Rock. However, it should be noted that the number of health benefits that people can enjoy from muscle building far outweighs the various cosmetic improvements.
Before you decide to do some serious 12-to15 rep range for any workout, take the time to look at the three important health benefits of building muscle.
1.) Weight loss – According to the Mayo Clinic, building muscle can help you lose weight. Building muscle increases your body’s metabolic rate and metabolism, which translates to your body’s ability to burning calories faster. When you build muscle mass, your body requires more calories in order to support the muscle tissue, compared to fat tissue. Building muscle and improving your body’s composition will help your body burn more calories to support the muscle tissue.
2.) Improved muscular strength and endurance – It takes a lot of stamina and strength to build muscle. Your first time at the gym may not let you carry that much weight, but over time, you will progress to heavier weights. This easily translates to developing strength and endurance because it lets you the unused muscles in different parts of your body.
3.) Improved cardiovascular health and endurance – Building muscle will literally take your breath away, and lifting weights is just one of the many things that can help improve your cardiovascular endurance and health. According to the Mayo Clinic, any form of exercise or resistance training can help reduce the occurrence of chronic diseases. In this case, strength training will help reduce the chances of arthritis, obesity, diabetes, back pain, and osteoporosis. When you exert effort within a normal range, you are pushing your body to its limits, and your heart and lungs are included.
Building muscle can do more than just turn you into the next Mr. Universe or the next action star. It can help you lead and live a better life. If you take the time to go to the gym, you will see a huge difference, even if it means lifting once a week. There will be progress every time you go to the gym, whether it’s a once-a-week visit or a 4x-a-week visit.
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25 Comments on "cle Building – The Benefits of Building Muscle"

  1. Great information Elliott. I’m a 46 year old mother of three and I agree
    that as we age our body does become more sensitive to the things we do to
    it. I myself have to remind myself that I’m not a twenty year old and that
    it will take me longer to recover from my workouts. I do hope to be like
    your 63 year old father, still strong enough to get the things I need done
    when I need them done. Thanks for all the great advice. And even though
    your core audience is men, I find your videos very helpful and informative.

  2. Great advice, and quite true. You must maintain your body much more when
    you are older, just like an older car. Old injuries WILL come back to haunt
    you, so you have to strengthen, support and work around those accordingly.
    Get 7.5 – 8 hours of sleep a night, keep hydrated / drink tea etc. Watch
    your diet, take the right supplements / vitamins etc. and keep active.
    Apparently, people who live the longest are endurance athletes, like
    marathon runners etc. as their hearts are so strong. Some of the strongest
    people I’ve met are in the 40-50 age range, some have been strong athletes
    / farmers etc. and now generally take good care of their diet/body. When
    you watch a 50+ year old, bang out 50 push-ups like it’s nothing, you begin
    to understand… (One plays ping-pong!) Take flax-seed oil / Omega-3
    supplements and Astragalus (Milk Vetch root extract) (TA-65 if you can
    afford it). Do not drink alcohol, don’t smoke, stay away from sugar, salt
    is ok in moderation, but drink water. This way you can live longer, do more
    stuff, and have a better quality of life into your later years.

  3. I just turned 35 and It had no effect on me. Im in better shape than when I
    was 25. Age is relative. It matters to a degree, but not really that much.
    35 was prime for Steve Reeves. I don’t even consider it middle aged.

  4. If you owned the same car for 40 years and never had it serviced or cleaned
    it , imagine the shitty condition . You can’t suddenly turn back the clock
    and undo 40 years of abuse on your body in 6 months either . But ! If you
    start today no matter how old you are , it’s better than doing nothing and
    just fading away

  5. I’m 48 and haven’t trained ‘ properly ‘ for about 4 yrs, but I can still
    fairly easily, compete & beat guys in their 20’s, in the gymn.
    The only thing is I have noticed joint soreness in my knees. I’ also think
    that the young guys , these days, don’t seem to have as much tenacity, and
    they do not train anywhere near as much as we used to. They seem more
    bothered about who has got the best training gear & clothes, how tanned
    they are, or if their eyebrows are plucked right !

  6. I don’t know what’s so great about muscles. If you ask me, the mind is much
    more important.

  7. 21 and feeling this

  8. Don’t Get Older, Get Better

    Richard Hittleman’s 28 Day Yoga Plan by Steve Savage “King of the Beasts”

    Steve Savage “King of the Beasts”

  9. Charles Atlas basically kept the same measurements for his entire life. The
    guys program was close to being religious.

  10. This is so depressing

  11. Sublime Music Channel | November 16, 2014 at 6:10 pm | Reply

    Deepest one ever.

  12. You should definitely shave.

  13. Good talk, especially the ‘demons’ part! You have inspired me the past 1.5
    years. I just turned 41. My testosterone was low, sex drive low, energy
    level was low. Combining your training tips, pep talks, drinking 3X more
    water than I thought I needed, eating more, getting 7-9 hours of sleep,
    viewing rest as the actual building aspect of training, and incorporating a
    ‘partial’ vegan diet (eating wayyy more greens and fruit), has greatly
    improved my energy levels, to the point that I haven’t had a cup of coffee
    for 3 month now. I’m always wired where as before, I was always lethargic.

  14. Shelly Blanchard | November 16, 2014 at 8:03 pm | Reply

    Can’t you talk without using all that foul language? Sure our body doesn’t
    do like it used to. What is the point in all the foul language? Gets on my
    nerves. Of course you may spout off and do it on purpose to for saying
    something about it. Try to explain without the f—- words. would
    apreciate it.

  15. Insightful video that +strengthcamp produced sharing about how age and the
    decisions we make about our bodies differ from the choices of our youth . .
    . with regards to nutrition, exercise and the balance of life.

  16. Blacky Lebowski | November 16, 2014 at 8:59 pm | Reply

    Man, your helping me change my entire lifestyle. 

  17. this is why all the shaolin masters are old. they might be old but they are
    still healthy and mentally stronger than all the teenage students at the
    temple. look at yip man. the guy can still fuck up 90% of the people at the
    age of 70. 

  18. Trust me over 50 this is even more true!

  19. I turned 40 this yr and this is all good advice.

  20. Insane Advise you are a Smart Dude thx age 43 :)

  21. Church!

  22. i started working out at 36 now i have more energy and strength than when i
    was younger

  23. brett oflaherty | November 17, 2014 at 12:16 am | Reply

    im 38, im afraid that i only have 2 years to get shredded

  24. Well said Elliott! So wise!

  25. June Jerseyshore | November 17, 2014 at 1:23 am | Reply

    liking your videos – and particularly watching the ones for body fat –
    muscle building – and some advice for older people. Im 61 ——- within
    all the “normal ” ranges for BMI —— but not liking the belly fat .
    Became a regular at the gym – about 3 years ago – but always afraid to
    “lift”. Did the old lady stuff – group classes and the treadmill. NOT
    ANY MORE. I walk about 2 miles to the gym – swing the kettlebell 35
    pounder) lift weights and do some leg machines…… then walk 2 miles
    home. So far – so good – but how to burn that layer of flab that lies
    over the muscles on my belly. Thats my quest. I can see and feel
    muscles…………. all good. Just watched someone on the assisted pull
    up machine – I asked one of the young guys to show me how to do this – and
    he did…………….. so will add that to my workout now. Do a video for
    us oldie gals. Lower reps? higher weight? I like your style – I like
    your message – and Im getting stronger – better and happier. I think the
    young kids at the gym think Im funny. Im loving it.

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